Pete Henry, b. 1985, is an American singer and instrumentalist. A performer since age 9, Pete has been recognised for his skills on guitar in several styles, completing a Master of Fine Arts in music from UC Irvine in 2010. Having played in a number of bands and ensembles, he has settled in as a singer soloist, touring internationally with his one-man band arrangements of popular tunes and original music.

Pete is an extremely entertaining and one-of-a-kind musician. He always plays with passion and gives each guest a personalized experience. His quirky personality and great taste in music kept us coming around night after night!
— C'est la Phoebe, travel and dance blogger
I was inspired by his music. Every style of his music is stunning and so cool! I deeply appreciate this wonderful encounter of Pete‘s music! We were attracted by his warm personality too. He performed even three encores and he really cherished his audience and staff. He was really loved by all of us! Thank you for Love & Peace through Music!
— Akiko Suzuki, musican and blogger